Facility Maintenance Worker

Everclean Facility Services

Job Description:


What we offer: 

It’s our people-centric health, well-being, and development initiatives that separate us from the rest.


Everclean Facility Services is a large and successful facility services company. We lead the industry by providing value-added cleaning solutions to our clients and we differentiate by taking care of and empowering our people.


We are currently looking to hire a Facility Maintenance Worker to work full-time with shifts from 7.00AM-3.30PM, which include Tuesday-Saturday, or Sunday to Thursday with Sunday/Monday or Friday/Saturday off.


Job Description

The maintenance position is generally responsible for attending to tenant service requests, performing repairs and inspections on equipment, building infrastructure and systems, and looking for ways to up keep.



  • Inspect all lighting on the property, and change out lighting as required
  • Review work orders assigned to property from property management, and complete assigned work orders
  • Complete property signage inspections
  • Check door operations, are they sealed / can pests gain access / do they lock
  • Inspect for rodent activity or birds nesting
  • Check all weather seal closures, crash bars, signage, and hinges.
  • Repair all holes and trip hazards ASAP
  • Check and repair for damaged speed bumps
  • Check and repair for broken curbs
  • Check and repair parking lot markings
  • Check lights for proper function and replace bulbs and check ballasts as required.
  • Call in electrician if required
  • Attend to tenant service requests and calls
  • Attend to emergencies such as leaks and minor plumbing requests
  • Check parking lot and stair lighting and report as required


  • Inspect service entrances, service corridors and back of house spaces for any deficiencies
  • Check drains on roof and podium level to see if backed up or clogged. Clear as required
  • Replace broken sign and sign posts
  • Inspect playground for loose bolts, screws, attachments and replace as required


  • Inspect exit signs and emergency lighting to see if working properly
  • Assist security in fire alarm


  • Other duties assigned by the Site Manager and/or Property Operations Manager



Company Perks:

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Benefits Package, both single and family. This includes Extended Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance
  • Easy access to manager at all times
  • Training


If this exciting opportunity is of interest to you, please apply now!