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Block Party – Art on The Boulevard

July 15 - September 30

For the first time ever, PARK is partnering with Deerfoot City to launch Block Party, an art installation and patio space created by four local artists including a 200ft roadway mural, outdoor lawn games and interactive art seating.

Block Party provides a vibrant, accessible, and safe community space where Calgarians can engage with outdoor public art and one another while socially distancing. The installation is lined by over 200 feet of pathway and walk space and will be accompanied by art adorned picnic tables, umbrellas and benches that meet Alberta Health Guidelines for spacing and cleaning protocols.

Stay and play by enjoying the many food vendors at Deerfoot City’s Food Lodge, outdoor shopping on The Boulevard and entertainment including outdoor lawn games, The Rec Room, iFly and more throughout the summer. Be sure to #YYCblockparty and tag @destinationdeerfootcity on Instagram so we can see your captures!





Rhys Douglas Farrell is an emerging artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction (major in painting and drawing) from the Alberta University of the Arts in the spring of 2016. He was signed with the Herringer Kiss Gallery in 2015 and his first solo show was named by Canadian Art Magazine as a “Must See.” Farrell has completed a number of public art projects with the Telus Spark Science Centre, Beltline Urban Mural Project, The City of Calgary and more. His work has been collected by private and corporate collections alike and he recently completed three international residencies with Pinea & Linea De Costa A.I.R program in Spain, Graniti Murales in Sicily and the TARP Program in Kuala Lumpur with Taksu Gallery.

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Instagram: @itsxyz



Syd The Artiste, also known as Sydonne Warren, is a Calgary based Visual Artist who began her self taught art journey in 2013. Since then, she has developed into a Professional Artist, Instructor and Designer and finally a student at Alberta University of the Arts. Sydonne predominantly creates portraits but has recently explored abstract works. Her artwork often showcases a combination of high contrasted subjects, bold but straightforward colour palettes, and a mixture of expressive strokes, drips and rigid lines. Sydonne’s themes are usually a reflection of herself and her desire for people of the African diaspora not only to occupy but impact and own space.

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Instagram: @sydtheartiste

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NASARIMBA is the collaborative practice of artists Rachel Ziriada and Mikhail Miller based in Calgary, AB. NASARIMBA is a fictional word created by the duo which means playful mischief. Since 2015, NASARIMBA has been creating vibrant abstract compositions spanning across mediums of painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation and murals. Their work is made through process and intuitive decision making, often responding to architecture and the natural world. They have painted murals across Canada and Mexico. This summer they will be participating in BUMP, Calgary’s own mural festival.

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Leechuts is the alias of Leetia Lyons, a Calgary-based illustrator and designer. She specializes in digital mediums to create design solutions and clean artwork for clients. Her personal pieces often consist of female figures and graphic elements, with influences from fashion, photography and various artistic sub-cultures. She is an alumnus of AuArts’ Design Program and has designed for clients in real estate, tech, automobile and non-profit.

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Rules & regulations:

  • Please practice physical distancing when visiting the installation, keep 2M apart
  • Mask wearing is recommended
  • Road Mural surface is slippery when wet, please keep off and enjoy later when it is dry
  • Scooters, bikes or skateboards are not permitted on the road
  • Watch your step near sidewalks
  • This is a highly photographed area, Deerfoot City cannot be held responsible for any images you may appear in
  • Adults are required to supervise their children at all times
  • Ensure children are dressed for safe play. No loose clothing, drawstrings or scarves
  • Please watch for nearby vehicle traffic
  • Please wipe down lawn games before and after use

Destination Deerfoot City and Shape Property Management Corp. are not responsible for any injuries or lost items. For assistance call security 403.333.8274. In case of emergency call 911.


Location: The Boulevard by The Food Lodge