Artwork by Indi City for National Day for Truth & Reconciliation

September 27, 2021

In observance of the National Day for Truth & Reconciliation on September 30th, Deerfoot City has commissioned local artists Angel and Alex, the co-founders of Indi City. 


6509 and Counting 

Artist Statement:

On May 27, 2021 the bodies of 215 Indigenous children were found in unmarked graves at the Kamloops Residential school. This is only the beginning of a grim count reclaiming the forgotten children. In the future this number will reach a culmination amongst the 139 school across Canada. Indigenous ways of knowing and doing teach us that our children are sacred medicine bundles. Currently we are working to REMATRIATE these sacred medicine bundles. 

The spirit of the ancestors is returning, and just as the Thunderbirds return every year to shift the vibration and the seasons so does the power of reconciliation and unity. With over a hundred schools left to search the number is at 6509 and counting. 


Angel and Alex are a 2S BIPOC couple and co-founders of Indi City. In 2017, they became the first global Indigenous Designers to incorporate wearable technology into traditional regalia. Their first piece a Woman’s Traditional outfit called “ The Matriarch Speaks,” exhibited in Calgary, Ottawa and Shenzhen, China. In the same year they both graduated from the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership Program at St.FX University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Together they design and create fashion accessories according to the current indigenization of Turtle Island in contact with their ancestral roots. Indi City has grown from a small business on Instagram to a newly launched online store with products also found in shops and boutiques across the country. With an in-house multi-media productions company they work to curate a 100% Indigenous made brand through visual marketing and story-telling.

Learn more at or @indi_city on Instagram.