May 16, 2017

Online grocery shopping is now available at the Destination: Deerfoot City Walmart. We gave it a try and were pleasantly surprised by how easy and convenient it was. To sign up, visit and start shopping the isles from your tablet, computer or phone.  Check a timeslot and select the location for pick-up. When you arrive, park in one of reserved pick-up grocery spots, call the number on the sign and an associate will be right out.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your online shop:

  • Multitask: Cross grocery shopping off your list by bundling it while you’re already here. Schedule pick-up for after your workout or dentist appointment.
  • Stay with the kids: Parent on the go? Online grocery shopping is especially convenient for parents with kids in tow since you don’t even need to leave your car.
  • Make it part of the commute: Deerfoot City is located right off Deerfoot Trail, making it easy to pull off to pick-up your order and still be home in time to cook dinner.
  • Automate your household staples: Select items you buy often can be ordered on a subscription basis at a discounted price.
  • Make your list on the go: Do you keep a grocery list on the fridge? Update your Walmart grocery shopping cart instead. When you’re ready to order, you’ll already have a full list of items waiting for you.

Eliminate finding a parking spot, searching for items and lining up out of the shopping equation to free up more time in your day. Walmart also offers a two hour pick-up window, making it easy to fit into your schedule. We hope these tips help make your online ordering experience a success – Happy shopping!